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Why do we write?

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Why do we write?

Is creating an innate desire in everybody?

What’s up with the amount of blogs regarding minimalism?

The more blogs I read about simple living and minimalism, the more I notice that those who are writing blogs – from Castles in the Air to EVBogue to the smaller blogs I read – are those who want to expand their writing to the next level, those who want to be professional writers. Even here I’m being a bit specific, as many bloggers are interested in music, in knitting, in street art – but it all comes down to the same thing. We all want to CREATE.

The question is, is this an innate human desire? Do all humans secretly want to create? I think of people I know as I consider this; one older person who has created their own business, but who I know has always wanted to write but never pursued that dream; another person who is very logical and who desires to work in a setting where they are a cog in the works, but still ‘invents’, still creates through computer programs and through maths, and wants to pursue this; yet another person who wants to be a journalist, yet feels she doesn’t have the skills to get there. The more I think of it, the more I think of friends who want to be writers, musicians, computer programmers – inventors, creators and dreamers all around me. Yet they don’t pursue this. So I think a LOT of people have this desire; if not to create, then at least ‘have’ something of their own, to be proud of something. Maybe it’s part of why our society enjoys having kids; why we enjoy decorating our homes; why we enjoy gardening. All things that personally, I don’t want right now, because I am so focused on my music and on my writing.

I just came across a great post, My Incredibly Selfish Reason for Writing This Blog, which sums up how I feel: “I write what I need to hear”. And this, too, explains the flourish in minimalism and simple living blogs. As the blogger says here, he doesn’t want to be considered a self-help expert (same here!!), but he – I guess – almost needs to help himself. Just like all of us.

The more I read minimalism blogs, the more I think ‘this blogger is writing this over and over again… I’m getting bored… where’s something NEW?’. But through this point of view, I can kind of see why it happens. It’s kind of like the typical simple living blogger is driving it, not just into their readers, but into themselves; and as they continue to drive this into themselves, they continue to develop, and so we see new insights in each blog. It keeps us coming back, as a side effect. We want this constant reminder, just as they need the constant reminder for themselves.

It’s very clever.

And this is why I write my blog, too. I don’t want to self-help anyone, and I’m a little scared of writing sometimes, in case I seem this pompous 20-year-old young adult who has no experience of the world. But in some ways, I’m reassuring myself of what road I don’t want to go down as I get older. I’m reminding myself of what I want to do. And if at the same time, my writing can be interesting and engaging to others, then all the better. If at the same time, my writing develops as a result of being self-reflective – then I’m happy. I write so I can live.

Why do you write?


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June 8, 2011 at 3:59 pm

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