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“I don’t give a damn what you think of me. My clients are the whales and the fish and the seals. If you can find me one whale that disagrees with what we’re doing, we might reconsider.”
— said by Captain Paul Watson, leader of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society which every year sinks more and more whaling ships in a direct attack against whalers.

This quote gets me each and every time. This quote wants to make to get off my ass and get on one of these ships and do everything I can for our planet. This quote makes me angry, and it makes me cry, and it makes me feel, ‘THAT’S the only thing that will work. And it doesn’t matter what people say against this society. This is the only thing that is going to work, and I have to do it, and I don’t care what people think.’

Find your passion. Find what makes you react.

Once you have your passion, ignite this angry, ignite the happiness, the fear, every emotion associated with it. Nurture it, and grow it inside of you.

I first got involved in animal conservation last year, when I was selected to go as a Youth Ambassador for WWF UK to Russia to work at the Youth Tiger Summit. That event in itself was lifechanging, and I knew I had found my passion and my calling in life.

But over the past six months, my passion has dwindled. Real life has started kicking in, and I’ve let it. I’ve let exams and essays get me down. I’ve become so wound up by animal cruelty and the lack of sustainibility in the world that I’ve allowed myself to falter. I’ve let people’s arguments influence me, and worry me. “What if this think this or that about me?” “Is it bad that I’m into animal conservation? Will people judge me?”

Who gives a crap?

I’m sure there’s something inside you as well that is shouting out to be heard; some passion, some love, some desire. For me, I know it’s animal conservation, because I care more about animal needs than human needs, because I would consider my life worthwhile and well-lived if I knew I had saved a single tiger. If I write about animal conservation, my anger kicks in. If I compose music about sustainibility, I get wound up.

That doesn’t mean I’m weird, or that your passion is wrong because it’s different to mine. It means that you have a passion too, and it’s kicking and screaming its way out of you.

Will you let it out?


Written by Peppidee

June 8, 2011 at 5:18 pm

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