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Earth Hour: Why it doesn’t matter, and why it does matter.

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So here I am, 23 minutes into Earth Hour, plunged into darkness in this little study with nothing but the computer screen to light up the room, because I have Essays to Write, Duties to Do. Downstairs, electricity hums. A TV screen cackles. Fridge doors open and shut. Lights in every room beam out, trickle over the floor of the study. I look out of the window at a city lit up, cars moving with their flash beams sweeping the road. Nothing has changed.

Is Earth Hour the biggest hypocrisy of all?

Well, kind of. But not really.

Right now, I am  probaly violating Earth Hour, by having computers on. I am violating it because my printer is on and there’s a light on in my bedroom and there’s a TV up here on standby and my phone is charging. ‘Lights out’ is easy enough to say, but to unplug every electrical appliance is the next step, and that’s not going to happen is it?

An hour with lights turned out. ‘How will that help the world?’ cry the great general public. Including people I know. ‘An hour with the lights out is nothing compared to the UK’s power consumption overall! Earth Hour is a waste of advertising and resources!’

True. So why aren’t these same proclaimers stopping to evaluate THEIR consumption, instead of shouting about how an hour isn’t enough?

Do these same proclaimers take the time to go a step bolder, to have their lights out for an hour once every month, or week, or day?

Do these same proclaimers evaluate every single way they can possibly save power?

I don’t think so.

So instead of saying, ‘I can’t have the lights out’, or ‘That’s a waste of time’, why don’t you consider what you CAN do for the earth instead? Whether that’s turning your computer off for an hour, or your TV, whether that’s turning your electricity off entirely for an hour, or whether that’s considering everything they can do, every single day, for this perishing planet?

Do what you can.

What did I do? I turned my lights out. Maybe tomorrow, once this damn essay is done, I’ll be able to turn off the computer too.


Written by Peppidee

March 27, 2011 at 2:18 am

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