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On minimalism, and what it is to me

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I’ve spent a large proportion of the past week (although it’s been an interest of mine for months, if not years) scrolling through minimalist blog after minimalist blog, and I thought I’d offer my own views on it ‘so far’!

Although I like to say I’m a right brained person, I love my lists, I love my order and counting certain numbers of sets and subsets. 40 pairs of socks. 21 notebooks. 39 pens. Whatever it is, I love to list it out, one by one. (Although in a way I guess this ‘helps’ my right-brainedness – knowing I only have 33 clothes to worry about whilst I’m busy composing and writing and generally creating, it’s much more reassuring for the madness of my mind, as I know I have nothing ‘in the real world to worry about. Make sense? hm…)

I stumbled across this post – my 288 things [here] – which struck a slight discord inside of me, and so made me consider MY view on minimalism. On the other end of the spectrum, I loved Castles in the Air [here].

288 things – woooah. that makes minimalism from home sound like more of a chore than anything else. When I consider myself ever having a future minimalist home, I envision a caravan or a studio flat, colourful and vibrant, but probably using a box as a shelf, a beanbag for a half bed, half chair. I wouldn’t imagine myself being a high-flying kind of person, methodically choosing the pieces of furniture that suit my minimalist home style, a room with very little personality, very little ‘me’. I like a BIT of myself out there in the wide world, and not just a complete white canvas.

I would also want to be the kind of person who has, say, 33 things – 33 real, tangible things (number chosen because of project 33) – or at least having a backpack of things, y’know? When I think minimalism, I think MINIMAL, and not of the home designs I see nowadays. It sure as hell makes the creative process a LOT easier, knowing I don’t have 200 items of  clothing to sift through every morning, that I don’t have a drawer full of old, incomplete story ideas (already shredded), that I’m ready to start afresh for the first time.. So yeah… maybe I’m not a minimalist, maybe I’m a nomad/minimal-living kind of gal.


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March 22, 2011 at 7:29 pm

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  1. Fair point. Although the point of my “counting” was two-fold:

    1. To prove that counting is superfluous and unnecessary (viz. I counted so you don’t have to).
    2. To show that the rules for counting are fundamentally flawed (viz. people don’t typically count many of their actual “things” when the count; I actually counted everything, even my oven mitt and my couch and my shoe horn).

    Take care,


    • Hey Joshua – Thanks for replying!
      That makes perfect sense, and to be honest, I’m sure I have WAY over 288 items right now. Through this post, I guess I was mostly documenting ‘what direction’ I wanted to go with this whole minimalist approach. I’m a bit of a student-traveller, who currently doesn’t really own any furniture of their own or have their own place, so what I meant to say was that I think just reading about the mere concept of owning 288 items struck the ‘ack!’ chord inside of me, and made me wish even more for a future possessions-in-a-backpack kind of lifestyle. Like I said in my post, I’ll probably end up having no furniture!
      Thanks for visiting!


      March 23, 2011 at 1:05 am

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